William Tepfenhart

My Hobbies

Many people seem to think that I have no life outside of work. This is completely untrue -- I have lots of hobbies.


Yes, I do a little home brewing. I made a beer that is a doppleboch. Very dark, very strong, and very flavorful. Not only do I make one of the best beers you have ever tasted, I also make soft drinks like colas, root beers, and ginger ale. Recently I have added a raison wine and a rose wine to the items I brew. Some of my recipes will show up in the beer room soon.


I enjoy cooking those really hard dishes that my wife can't cook. Omelets, pastries, cookies, and barbeque. I also can all of our jams, pie fillings, and fruits. Sound a little odd, well, my wife does most of the yard work! We joke that one of our daughter's favorite memories will be of making Christmas cookies with her father! Some of my favorite recipes will show up in the kitchen sometime soon.

Science Fiction

Like many others, I dream of being a published writer of fiction. I'm working on a little piece about some nice guys who are actively trying to destroy the world. This will be showing up in the reading room before long.


That's right, friends - Animals were put on this earth to eat.I like to put them in a condition appropriate for consumption.

Stamp Collecting

I do collect stamps, so if you do mail something to me I would appreciate it if you use a stamp rather than one of those automatic machine marks postal services put on envelopes. I was introduced to this hobby by a very nice Australian lady, Mem Cunningham. I have been told that women do not collect stamps, but she is an exception.

Rock Collecting

One of the hobbies that I share with my daughter is rock collecting. My wife likes collecting rocks too, but she prefers those expensive ones like emeralds, rubies, etc. Anyway, this is a hobby that gives us an excuse to occassionally stop during long vacation trips in little out of the way places.


This is my exercise program. It is lots of fun to chase people around waving a pointy little stick.

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