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December 2004, Wednesday
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Complete the definitions for the vocabulary chapter 2 (You must start bringing your books to class again)
If you were absent, define the words at the end of chapter 2 (texto p.52)
Today students took a test.

Students were assigned two words from the vocabulary to bring pictures, illustrations, or to act them out in class. Students have a vocabulary sheet. If you do not have the sheet, please get the list from the end of chapter 7 (texto p.216)

Texto p.138-I #1-10
Today we went over: Texto p.133-134--D; p.136-F. We explained how to turn adjectives from singular into plurarl and also how to turn a whole sentence from singular into plural. Students copied this from the board and wrote the plural in their notebooks:
Singular Plural
1.El perro es inteligente Los perros son inteligentes.
2.El coro es interesante. Los coros son interesantes.
3.El concierto es magnifico. Los conciertos son magnificos
4.La casa es moderna. Las casas son modernas.
5.La tarea es necesaria. Las tareas son necesarias.
6.La persona es normal. Las personas son normales.
7.El libro es ordinario. Los libros son ordinarios.
8.El examen es perfecto. Los examenes son perfectos.
9.La maestra es popular. Las maestras son populares.
10.El hombre es romantico. Los hombres son romanticos.

Note that to make a noun plural you just add "s"---la---las------------tarea--tareas
When a word ends in a consonant, you must add "es"----popular---populares
When you change the sentence into plural, notice that the whole sentence is changed, including the verb---from es---son.

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