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December 2004, Monday
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Complete Packet p.69 1-10-6 in both form (a) and form (b)

Using the pictures on page 129-130, students will answer the following questions for each one:
1.(a) Que es?-------Es un tomate.
(b) De que color es?-----Es color rojo.
Today we worked with these pictures. Que es = What is it?
De que color es? = What color is it.
Although the book is not in color, the students colored the pictures. Each one of the sentences underneath the picture says that it is a certain color.
El tomate es rojo = The tomato is red. La banana es amarilla. = The banana is yellow.
El gato es negro = The cat is black. La leche es blanca. = The milk is white.
El chocolate es marron. = The chocolate is brown. La naranja es anaranjada = The orange is orange. El elefante es gris = The elephant is gray. La planta es verde = The plant is green. La bandera es roja, blanca y azul. = The flag is red, white, and blue.

No homework. Today the students defined: escribir, mirar, ver, tomar, comer, preparar, leer. Students took turns in groups asking each other questions:
Que tienes que hacer? Tengo que estudiar para la clase de espanol.
Que tiene que hacer Banke? Banke tiene que leer para la clase de ingles.

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