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December 2005, Monday
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Study your vocabulary words for chapter 9 #26-50
Today students took a quiz on words #1-25. They played a game to study the rest of the words.

Conjugate the verbs: estudiar (to study), llegar (to arrive), tomar (to take or drink), escuchar (to listen), entrar (to enter), prestar (pay atenttion).
Write a sentence with each word. (use the yo form)
Today students took a quiz on vocabulary chapter 4

Today students wrote sentences with the irregular verbs in preterito indefinido (packet p.88) andar, estar, tener, caber, poder, poner, saber, hacer, querer, venir.
They also wrote 10 questions using each one of the verbs above. They will ask these questions to a partner in class. The partner will answer them (and vice versa). These questions and answers will form part of a TEST in the preterito indefinido you will have this week.
Study for a quiz conjugating the verbs above. You must know the meaning as well.

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