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November 2004, Monday
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Packet p.66--1-10-3 #1-6
Today students received a new packet on INDIRECT Object Pronouns.
The INDIRECT object answers the questions To or for whom? To or for what? with regard to the verb in a sentence or clause. Another way of looking at it is to say that the i ndirect object tells us where the direct object is going. Consider the sentence (Igive a gift to you)" The direct object is the gift, because this answers the questions What (do I give)? The indirect object, then, is you because I am giving it (the gift) to you. You is where the gift is going.
In the sentence "He buys me flowers (He buys flowers for me)," the direct object is flowers (because that is what he buys), and the indirect object is me because I am the one for whom he buys the flowers.
The indirect object pronouns in Spanish are as follows:
me, te, le-----nos, os, les

Study your pictures and "er" verbs for a short quiz tomorrow. You will be shown a picture and you must write a sentence about it. (Texto 112-113 and Workbook p.53-55)
Today we completed the exercises in the workbook p.53-55 at the board. We reviewed all the pictures in chapter 7.

Study your questions and answers on texto p.168-A for an oral quiz tomorrow.
Today students practiced in pairs--They asked and answered the questions orally in front of class.

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