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November 2004, Wednesday
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SPANISH 2 (Periods 1 & 9/10 only)
Packet p.61--1-9-6 (Complete #1-10 in both forms (a) and (b)
Form (a)---Subject--Direct Object Pronoun---Verb
Form (b)---Subject---Verb 1 + Verb 2 + Direct Object Pronoun.
Today students' learned how to place the direct object pronoun at the end of the verb. This can only be done when there are two verbs in the sentence. See packet page 60

SPANISH 2 (Period 3 only)
Complete packet p.59
Today students took an oral quiz. They asked and answered questions using direct object pronouns (packet p.58)

Complete Texto p.120--G
Today we reviewed "er" verbs and their endings. We compared them with "ar" verbs. We began Texto p.120--G.

Study for TEST (vocabulary chapter 6) tomorrow.
Today we practiced listening to descriptions. Students wrote the appropriate word.

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