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November 2005, Tuesday
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Read and fill in the blanks for the letter in Texto p.240B. Write the whole letter out.
Today students defined words: Calle (street), nuestro (our), bastante grande (quite big), quinto piso (fifth floor), edificio (building).
Students answered the following in complete sentences:
(1)?De donde eres? (2)?Donde estas ahora? (3)?De donde es tu mejor amiga? (4)?Donde esta ahora? (5)?De donde son tus padres? (6)?Donde estan ahora?

Texto p.78--B Answer questions (copy questions & answers)
Today students answered questions in Texto p.75--D--both in writing and orally. Various students stood up at the front of class to ask questions to the other.
You will have an ORAL quiz this week, just like we did today, only each student will ask and answer 5 questions.

Today students completed their skits on La casita de chocolate. They were quite good. Tomorrow we will review the questions of La casita de chocolate and take a TEST on Thursday.

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