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November 2005, Tuesday
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Texto p.237--C, D
Today students wrote the conjugation for the verb "tener" in the present tense
Yo tengo/Tu tienes/Usted tiene/El-Ella tiene/Nosotros tenemos/Vosotros teneis/Ellos tienen.
They filled the blanks with the verb tener:
(1)Los muchachos _____ catarro. (2)Mi madre ______ tos. (3)Yo tengo ____tos. (4)Yo ______ gripe. (5)Tu y tu madre ________ fiebre. (6)Los estudiantes y yo _____________ dolor de cabeza. (7)Juan __________ dolor de cabeza. (8)Tu y tus amigos ________ escalofrios. (9)?_______ tu dolor de cabeza? (10)Juanity y yo __________ gripe. (11)Vosotros ________ catarro.

Texto p.74--C; WB p.24--B; Texto p.82--F

SPANISH 1 (Period 6/7 only)
Students must complete the assignment that was scheduled in class--for homework:
Write 6 sentences with each one of the verbs: hablar, comprar, mirar, necesitar,
buscar, pagar, llevar. You must use each pronoun for each word. (Yo, tu, el/ella/nosotros/vosotros/ellos). Total 42 sentences.

Today students completed all the questions for La casita de chocolate.
Students selected groups of 4 to put together a skit of the story. Tomorrow they will work in their groups. Each student will role play one of the characters of the story and one will be the narrator.

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