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November 2004, Monday
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Complete exercise 1-9-2 #1-20 on p.57-58 of the packet of Direct Object Pronouns.
Today we explained DIRECT OBJECT PRONOUNS. A packet was distributed. We saw that the direct object in a sentence answers the question What or Whom with regard to the verb.
Example: Maria bought flowers. What did Maria buy? Maria bought flowers. Therefore flowers is the direct object. In English we would substitute flowers for the word "it"----Maria bought it. In Spanish however the "it" is different.
Maria compro flores.----Maria las compro.

Complete Workbook page 25-26 #1-10
Today we reviewed pronouns, action words on pages 56-57. We changed sentences from singular to plural and from plural to singular.
On Wednesday you will have a TEST. (Text p.56-62 & Workbook p.23-26)
You must know your pronouns and verb conjugations. Tomorrow we will practice some more.

Make a list of the vocabulary words for chapter 6 on page 186--starting with "la familia" and ending with "invitar"
Today we talked about the family tree on page 160. We identified the different persons in a family. We discussed some vocabulary.

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