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October 2005, Monday
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Texto p.202--B #1-3--Answer questions in complete sentences.
Today we answered questions from texto p.201-A
You will have a chapter 7 TEST on Friday 10/28

Make sure you have already read Texto p.60-61 and answered the questions in exercises A & B.
Today we answered questions as a review for the Test on Wednesday. We also learned how to change whole sentences from singular to plural.
Questions were:
(1)?Hay muchos alumnos en la clase de espanol? (2)?Es una clase grande o pequena? (3)?Cuantos alumnos hay en la clase de espanol? (4)?Quien es la profesora de espanol?
The sentences we changed from singular to plural were:
(1)El muchacho es guapo----Los muchachos son guapos.
(2)La muchacha es fea-------Las muchachas son feas.
(3)Tu eres bueno-----------------Vosotros sois buenos.
(4)Yo soy alta----------------------Nosotras somos altas.
(5)El examen es dificil.--------Los examenes son dificiles.
(6)El juego de beisbol es muy popular.----Los juegos de beisbol son muy populares.

Notice that in Spanish all the words in the sentence change to plural. When the words end in a vowel--just add "s". When the words end in a consonant--add "es"
popular-----populares dificil----dificiles alta----altas bueno---buenos

Today students took a test on the geogaphy of Spain. (norte, sur, este, oeste)
No homework

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