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October 2004, Monday
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All students will assigned a words to bring in a picture. Also try to describe the words completely in Spanish without using any English. If you were absent, just pick a word from the list on text p.26.
Study your vocabulary words. A vocabulary sheet was distributed today. We looked at pictures of the voc. and defined the words from Spanish to English. We began Chapter 1 today. The vocabulary can be found at the end of the chapter, text p.26

Today we studied vocabulary words in text p.56-57.
We did exercise on pages 58-59.
For homework just study the pictures and the words.

Students wered assigned 2 words from text p.156 to either bring a picture, act it out, perform it, or explain it entirely in Spanish. No English may be used.
Today we distributed vocabulary sheet for chapter 6 (Foods). You can find the list in the textbook p.156. Students defined the words.

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