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October 2005, Wednesday
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Study the conjugations of the verbs: empezar, preferir, querer, volver, poder, dormir. You can find them in the text p.198, 201.
Today students wrote sentences with the verbs volver, poder, dormir

Make sure you have completed texto p.44--A, B (answer all the questions in complete sentences)
Today we reviewed the verb "ser" and answered questions.

Today students defined the following words (found in text p.6):
1.se encuentra; 2.con; 3.vecino; 4.montanoso; 5.frontera; 6.a lo largo; 7.la costa; 8.majestuosos picos; 9.alcanzan; 10.pintoresca region; 11.neblina; 12.llueve mucho; 13.paisaje; 14.Irlanda; 15.el Cantabrico; 16.peninsula iberica; 17.Galicia
We will be reading the selections on pages 6-7 on Friday.
The preterito indefinido quiz will postponed for Monday 17 Oct.

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