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October 2005, Monday
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Write 3 sentences using the verb "empezar" (to begin), using any of the pronouns: yo, tu, usted, el, ella, nosotros, vosotros, ustedes, ellos, ellas.
Example: El partido empieza a las 3:00 pm.
Today we conjugated "ar", "er", "ir" verbs in the present tense:
Yo hablo, tu hablas, usted habla, el/ella habla, nosotros hablamos, vosotros hablais, ustedes hablan, ellos hablan---Yo como, tu comes, usted come, el/ella come, nosotros comemos, vosotros comeis, ustedes comen, ellos comen----Yo vivo, tu vives, usted vive, el/ella vive, nosotros vivimos, vosotros vivis, ustedes viven, ellos viven.
We introduced the stem changing verb "empezar" This verb changes to:
Yo empiezo, tu empiezas, usted empieza, el/ella empieza, nosotros empezamos, vosotros empezais, ustedes empiezan, ellos empiezan.
Students wrote sentences with all the above mentioned verbs.

Complete handout of vocabulary words for chapter 2.
Today grades for Chapter 1, taken last Friday 7 Oct. were distributed. All those who did not take this test must come to the Media Center tomorrow at 2:00 pm for a make-up. Failure to show up will constitute a "0".
Today we discussed words like "hay"---We asked the questions: ?Que hay en la pagina 42? Hay alumnos. Hay 2 muchachos y 2 muchachas. Hay libros.
?Que hay en la pagina 43? Hay un mapa de Puerto Rico. Hay alumnos ambiciocos.
Students repeated words from pages 40-43 in the text.
Tomorrow we will continue with the vocabulary for chapter 2.

Answer questions on page 30 of text.
Today students filled in the blanks with preterito indefinido tenses. They wrote 5 sentence paragraphs using the preterito indefinido. Students read their paragraphs aloud. There were great.
Tomorrow we will continue reading some of the selections from chapter 1

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