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October 2004, Wednesday
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Study your reflexive conjugations. If you did not complete the verbs in class, do so.
cepillarse, ducharse, comerse, banarse, despertarse, levantarse, lavarse, acostarse, desayunarse, dormirse, (period 3 & 9/10--peinarse)
Today we studied reflexive verbs. The subject performs the action and also receives it.
Example: Yo me pongo los zapatos.---I put on my shoes. The pronoun "me" tells you that you do the putting on and you do the receiving of the shoes that were put on.
The pronouns are:
Yo me pongo.
Tu te pones
Usted se pone---El/Ella se pone
Nosotros nos ponemos
Vosotros os poneis
Ustedes se ponen---Ellos se ponen.

Texto p.22-23 #1-10
Today we talked about the family.

Texto p.81--C

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