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October 2004, Monday
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Study present progressive tense for a quiz tomorrow/
ar verbs--hablar
Yo estoy hablando, Tu estas hablando, Usted/el/ella esta hablando
Nosotros estamos hablando, Vosotros estais hablando, Ustedes/ellos estan hablando.

er verbs ---comer
Yo estoy comiendo, Tu estas comiendo, Usted esta comiendo
Nosotros estamos comiendo, Vosotros estas comiendo, Ustedes/ellos estan comiendo.

Notice that this tense is a compound tense, meaning that you must use and conjugate the ver estar in the present tense, then add the "ando" for ar verbs; and "iendo" for er verbs. All the estar verbs have accent marks except estamos, but this computer program does not have accent marks.

Study for a quiz tomorrow. Study the conjugations for the verbs "ser" and "estar". You must know the meaning of all the pronouns:
Yo=I; Tu=You singular informal; Usted=You singular formal; El=He; Ella=She
Nosotros=we; Vosotros=You all informal; Ustedes=You all general; Ellos=They masculine Ellas=They femenine
Today we practiced all the points above. We talked about greetings.

No particular homework. Review points of weakness on test given out today.

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