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October 2005, Monday
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Today students took a sample test on descriptons in the target language.
On Thursday we will work some more on them. Then we will continue with chapter 7.

Study for the TEST on Friday. Today students received a handout as a review for a TEST on Friday. This sheet must be completed as homework for Thursday.

Today some students presented the oral section of the brochures they had worked on. A final grade was given. On Thursday the remaining students will present.
Students worked on a handout filling blanks for the preterito indefinido verb tense. It was not corrected due to time constraints. Complete it for Thursday.
The preterito indefinido tense is a very important and crucial one in the Spanish language. ALL students are expected to master it. There will be another quiz on Friday. You must KNOW THIS TENSE VERY WELL. STUDY!!!!!!!

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