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September 2005, Thursday
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Complete the blanks for the descriptions--The hand out given yesterday.
Today we described some words. We had a fire drill during first period and were limited in our instruction. There will be a TEST on ALL the descriptions in the hand out--Chapter 1 Vocabulary.

Answer questions re: Simon Bolivar....texto p.33
Today we discussed texto p.32 and 33.
(1)?Quien es Maria Iglesias? (2)?De donde es Maria? (3)?Cual es la nacionalidad de Maria? (4)?De donde es el Senor Ayende? (5)?De que nacionalidad es el Senor Ayende? (6)?Cual es la capital del Peru? (7)?Que hace Simon Bolivar? (or did) (8) ?Que hace Jose De San Martin?

Study conjugations for REGULAR verbs in the 2 tenses: Presente de Indicativo & Preterido Indefinido. You will have a very short quiz tomorrow.
Today students took the second half of the chapter 1 vocabulary quiz (words #21-42). This quiz will be added to yesterday's quiz for a total of 40 points--It will be considered one quiz).

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