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September 2005, Tuesday
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Study for a mini quiz on the oral descriptions of the words we have described in class:
1.el bateador; 2.el lanzador; 3.el receptor; 4.el jardinero; 5.el guante; 6.el platillo; 7.el jonron; 8.la base; 9.la entrada; 10.la pelota; 11.batear; 12.correr; 13.atrapar; 14.devolver; 15.el jugador; 16.el baloncesto; 17.driblar; el cesto; 18.el portero
Today in class we described words from the vocabulary list from chapter 1
FRIDAY 9/30 YOU WILL HAVE A TEST on ALL the words we will have described before then. STUDY

Today we talked about El Quijote on p. 30 of the text. Students read it silently, teacher read it aloud and students took turns reading it We discussed who Don Quijote is and its significance. We answered some questions orally. Students copied the following questions. Some we answered in class--the rest are for homework.
(1)?Que es El Quijote? (2)?Quien es Don Quijote? (3)?Como es Don Quijote? (4)?De donde es Don Quijote? (5)?Quien es Sancho Panza? (6)?Como es Sancho Panza? (7)Segun Don Quijote, ?como es Sancho Panza? (8)Segun Sancho Panza, ?como es Don Quijote?

(Howell Spanish 1--We discussed the above questions in class. The homework is Texto p.31--A, B)

Complete all of the Workbook pg. 1. Look up any unknown words.
Study for a vocabulary quiz--Words #1-20. Wednesday we will have the rest of quiz for the words #21-42
Today students wrote sentences with some of the words on the vocabulary list. We explained how to describe words using only Spanish.

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