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September 2006, Monday
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Today students were given the following words to translate (from text p.6)
1.se encuentra 2.con 3.vecino 4.montanoso 5.frontera 6.a lo largo 7.la costa 8.majestuosos picos 9.alcanzan 10.pintoresca region 11.neblina 12.llueve mucho 13.paisaje 14.Irlanda 15.el Cantabrico 16.la peninsula iberica 17.Galicia
Complete all these for homework. Tomorrow we will continue with El norte, El centro

Study for a test of "Cajas de carton". You will write a summary of the story. This was one of your summer reading assignments.
After the test, we will continue to read and discuss this story in more depth.
Answer questions given

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