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May 2005, Tuesday
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Write a sentence with the following verbs. Use the pronoun next to it:
1. (yo) tener; 2.(tu) hablar 3.(el) comer; 4.(nosotros) escribie; 5.(ustedes or ellos) querer
You may use any tense you like, but you must use a different one for each sentence.
Today in class we reviewed the following verbs in the 7 tenses we have studied this year: escribir, tener, querer. (Last week we studied: hablar, comer)
We have already begun the review for the final exam. Each day we will review something else. This week we are doing verbs. Final exams begin June 14.

Write sentences with the following verbs. Use the pronoun next to it:
1. (yo)ser; 2.(tu)estar; 3.(el)hablar; 4.(nosotros)comprar; 5.(ustedes)mirar; 6.(yo)pagar; 7.(tu)necesitar; 8.(usted)buscar; 9.(nosotros)llevar; 10.(ellos)usar.
We began writing these sentences in class. Whatever you did not finish in class is to be completed for homework.
We have begun a review for the final exam. Everyday we will review something different. You should have a special folder or section in your binder for this review.

Today students presented their Spanish speaking person in front of class for a test grade. Tomorrow we will continue. After we finish with these presentations, we will begin the review for the final exam.

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