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May 2005, Tuesday
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Texto p.182--A, C
Today students presented pictures and acting for vocabulary words, chapter 7. We introduced the conditional tense. We completed WB p.72, 73, 74-E, F
Voc. quiz Thursday

No homework. But continue to study your vocabulary words for chapter 7
Today students completed the oral quizzes for chapter 7. They wrote sentences using words #41-70 as an open book quiz.

Write the conjugations for all the reflexive verbs on your vocabulary sheet (#2-10). All these words have an infinitive + se, which means that when you use these in a sentence, you must conjugate them with the pronouns in front of them:
Yo me levanto, Tu te levantas, Usted se levanta, El se levanta, Nosotros nos levantamos, Vosotros os levantais, Ustedes se levantan, Ellos se levantan
Vocabulary Quiz on Thursday

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