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March 2005, Tuesday
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Texto p.89-D
Today we reviewed vocabulary, texto p.89-C; WB p.34F

Review your vocabulary for the 3rd part of the vocabulary quiz for an oral section. The teacher will call each student individually to ask them what some words mean. You m ust answer orally.
Write a sentence with each verb: Use the pronoun next to the verb as the subject for your sentence:
1.(yo) necesitar; 2.(tu) mirar; 3.(el)comprar; 4.nosotros (hablar); 5.vosotros(hablais); 6.ustedes (llevar); 7.ellos (estar); 8. (yo) tomar
Today the students took the second part of the vocabulary quiz for chapter 4.
We began to work on answering sentences using: (1) ?Adonde vas hoy? (2)?Quienes son tus amigos? (3)?Cuando tomas el bus? (4) ?Van tus amigos al parque? (5)?Como llegas a la escuela?
In order to answer these questions correctly it is imperative to know the meaning of the words, especially the question words, and the conjugation of the verbs. Therefore we went over the conjugations of the verbs listed above. Tomorrow we will work on the verbs. Make sure you have your verb sheets up to date.

Study the second section of the vocabulary for chapter 9 for a quiz.
Today students wrote out cards and we played Ataque for the study of the vocabulary words.

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