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February 2005, Friday
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SPANISH 2 (periods 1 & 3)
Continue to study your vocabulary for chapter 3.
In periods 1 & 3 we went over some of the vocabulary. Since it was a shortened period, we did not cover very much.

Today the students took a quiz on chapter 1 of the Buen Viaje I book (red). Next week will finish chapter 1 and will be having a chapter test on Thursday. (All those absent must come after school on Tuesday Feb. 8th for a make-up).

This is the second day we have been in the Media Center due to the rennovations in our regular classroom. The students have done research on two topics:
I. A famous or reknowned Spanish person.
(a) name of that person (b) Nationality (c) Age (d) What that person does
(e) How did that person become famous (f) What is your opinion of this person/why do you like him or her (g) Interesting facts

II. A Spanish speaking country
(a) a map print out (Say where it is in relation to the whole world
(b) The weather (all four seasons) (c) Natural resources
(d) 5 famous people from that place (e) Would you like to live there/ Why or why not

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