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January 2008, Wednesday
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Today we worked on APG p.185 (Future tense).
Students are expected to review p.14--rewrite it with blanks for practice. Tomorrow we will go over it again.

Today students received another Midterm Packet for more review. Pay special attention to the "Incas" section, as it can help you very much for the Midterm. There is practice for the grammar sections, together with many tidbits.
For Homework continue to work on the packet. We only have two more school days before the Midterms begin on Monday the 28th.

Today we continued with "Nada menos que todo un hombre". We completed questions up to #6. Students were given the Literature Review for Midterm. You are responsible for ensuring you are able to answer all questions. In addition students will receive copies of 3 readings which have not and will not be discussed. You must learn how to read for comprehension and at least recall details.
Tomorrow will work on the Present Subjunctive tense.

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