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January 2005, Monday
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Today we reviewed preterito indefinido verbs, both regular and irregular. Students filled out a verb sheet with these verbs. If you were absent, find these and conjugate them. You will have a QUIZ on the verbs this Wednesday 1/5.
We put all the verbs on the board. Students did Texto p.14-B & texto p.15-B to be completed for homework

Write five sentences. Say what profession they have. For example:
Mi madre es abogada.
Use the professions in texto pgs. 165-168
We reviewed the conjugation of the verb "ser"
We also asked the questions: Quien es = Who is he/she?
Quienes son? = Who are they?
Example: Quien es? El es un policia. Quienes son? Ellos son policias.

Texto p.199--C & p.200--D
Today we conjugated stem changing verbs in texto pgs. 198 & 201
empezar, querer, preferir, volver, poder, dormir, (we added pedir)
We answered questions from texto p.199-A

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