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We’re proud to announce that our book



Italian Pottery Marks From Cantagalli To Fornasetti

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Italian Pottery Marks has been added to the reference library of our favorite television show!


June 13, 2005 The following handwritten note was received from Mr. Wendell Garrett,

Senior Vice President of Sotheby’s, Editor-At-Large of The Magazine Antiques:

Kindest thanks for your thoughtfulness and generosity for the gift of 'Italian Pottery Marks'.  I am most impressed. The book is comprehensive in scope, scholarly in research, beautiful in its illustrations, and clear in its writing. Everyone interested in ceramics - collectors, curators, scholars and students

should have a copy on his or her shelf.  Warmest regards, Wendell



Published, Jan 2006


This volume is the first in a series dedicated to the regional ceramic centers of Italy. Originally, the inaugural volume was intended to encompass the entire region of Emilia-Romagna but Faenza proved to be so rich in history and culture, and endowed with such an abundance of artistic genius (on a scale that is truly staggering) that we altered our course and devoted this book exclusively to the city. (Color Edition)

Available at  the logo           ISBN: 1-4116-7452-9


Published, Aug 2005


This small book, 64 pages, concentrates on Achille Farina. It re-evaluates the British and American view of the works of this Master ceramicist, unravels the very complex history of one of Italy’s most famous pottery marks and reveals the identity of a ceramic artist lost to history for more than 100 years.

Also available at  the logo                ISBN: 1-4116-4506-5


Published, Dec 2005


This is identical to the full color book, but costs about one third less. By publishing in black and white the book may eventually be available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.. (Such is the state of affairs that a full color reference guide cannot be offered by the large retail websites at this time. We hope this changes in the near future because pottery images in our opinion, especially Italian pottery, should always be seen in color!)

Also available at  the logo               ISBN: 1-4116-6472-8             


Published, Jan 2006

ITALIAN POTTERY MARKS: FAENZA The City Of Ceramics (Black & White Edition)

This is also identical to the full color book and costs about one third less.


Available at  the logo               ISBN: 1-4116-6837-5


Within 2 days of publication our book is the Number 1 search result on   the colorful Google logo text

Google screen shot that shows our book as the number 1 search result of 177,000 results for 'Italian pottery marks'

Click the Google logo, type in ‘italian pottery marks’ and see for yourself!  the colorful Google logo text used as a link to their site

For an even greater challenge simply type in ‘pottery marks’ which includes all countries in the world and you’ll see that it ranks 27th of 878,000 entries! Not bad for a book in the first 10 days of it’s release.

Note: the figures change constantly as additions are made to the world wide web continuously,

when we googled ‘pottery marks’ in December, our book was in the top ten results of over 5,600,000 entries!


And is now being offered for sale by


We are flattered beyond description to see our book offered by this prestigious bookseller.

Reprinted from the website: Libro Co. Italia was established in 1992 and since that time we have developed a reputation among our customers and are quoted to be the best distributor of art books in Italy by Assindustria - Italia, with clients including the leading institutions and museums in Europe and America.


It’s also listed on the Clayzee website!  Logo for Clayzee, the largest reference website for all things ceramics



The very first review of our book posted on Lulu is so complimentary we’re both blushing! It’s thrilling to know the work that went into creating the book is appreciated.

REVIEW: Fri 29 Apr 8:13 pm EDT 2005

MUST Handbook for Lovers of Italian Ceramics 

Italian Pottery Marks From Cantagalli To Fornasetti, I predict, will be an instant best-seller among those who buy, sell, and collect fine ceramics. Until now, identifying Italian pieces from this very important period (1850-1950) was a crap shoot; very few books contain information on these ceramics, and most of those are in Italian, rare, and pricey.
The Del Pellegrinos' handbook plugs that deep black hole nicely. The scholarship and bookcraft are excellent -- it looks as good as it reads! In fact, I read it all at one sitting, and enjoyed the pictures as much as the well written and engaging text. Examples of makers marks -- which, thankfully, include many photos -- are accompanied by much useful data on the potters/companies, and illustrations of various types of Italian ceramics from this era are sprinkled throughout the book. The Del Pellegrinos also include a good overview of the artistic history of the subject period, as well as a compact section on research sources.
In sum, this reference is a valuable contribution to the appreciation of Italian pottery and porcelain of that period, and will interest collectors of later work as well. A vade mecum for sure!


Vade mecum (we looked it up!) is from Latin, literally meaning "go with me."

1. A book for ready reference; a manual; a handbook.
2. A useful thing that one regularly carries about.


One month after it’s release at the end of April 2005,

the book moves up the ranks of the Lulu website from over # 3600 to # 135,

and makes the Best Sellers list for the Months of May and June.

As of September, it’s consistently ranked in the top 100.


An antiques dealer ordered 40 copies for sale in his shop in Rome, Italy!


Another great review was posted on Lulu, May 19, 2005,

“…Wonderful color illustrations provide the reader with examples of subjects covered by the authors. Perhaps the best surprise of all is found towards the end of the book in the index of pottery marks and the manufacturers' history. To date, there is no other book offered in English for the pottery collector or dealer to reference for Italian pieces. This remarkable book has been long overdue in the pottery world and is most welcomed among the community of dealers and collectors alike. To the authors' credit, the book reads quickly and is easily absorbed. This is a MUST HAVE book for any pottery/ceramic reference library! This is a two thumbs up and five star review with kudos to the authors!”

We’re so happy the collectors are pleased! We intended for our guide to be used out in the field, at yard sales, estate sales, flea markets. It’s not meant to be a stay at home ‘coffee table’ book, but a little work horse of a guide to help find those treasures hidden among all the knick knacks. By the end of the warm weather  ‘treasure hunting’ season, you should have a guide that’s dog-eared and slightly ragged and a selection of beautiful, identified Italian pottery! Then we’ll know we’ve done our job and our book has served its purpose. Happy hunting!


Current plans:

Since our first book served as a general introduction to Italian ceramics throughout the entire country, rather than any specific locale within Italy, it was restricted in offering any detailed discussions of regional histories, styles and techniques. We, therefore,  have made the decision to offer a series of books based upon the major ceramics producing centers of Italy thus offering the collector an opportunity to delve more deeply into the subject. The second book in this series, Italian Pottery Marks: Campania (working title), will be available later in 2006.


We now have a Forum for Italian pottery lovers,

Stop in as a guest any time, there’s no need to register as a forum member

to view the photos or read though the posts.

Be sure to view the Mystery Marks section – you may be able to help another pottery lover

identify their mystery piece!


We’re working on another pottery book that’s been on the back burner since 1999; we think it’s finally ready to be a book. It will be a complete departure from the Italian marks series.


All of this doesn’t leave much time for maintenance on the Somali Website. Fortunately, as it’s been up since 1997 and more or less complete since ’99, there isn’t much in the way of updates required; one of the benefits of having an historical website that we didn’t think about at the time! (June 2005 - We have taken care of the issue of all the annoying and distractive Tripod ads and pop ups on the site; you’ll notice the difference immediately if you’ve visited the site before.)

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And then there are our English Toy Spaniels!

We hope to be showing next year when the ruby girls can compete as adults. The ‘doggy’ website has been sorely neglected, but as it’s just a fun, personal web page there’s no guilt involved! I would love to have some time to work on adding the pictures of the ruby puppies and some of the show photos from last season but time is the one thing in really short supply!

Two new additions, Chanty and Fable, were born on July 6th!

Our first bred-by Ruby boy Wimsy’s Hornpipe Sea Chanty

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