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Thorn Technologies, along with Simulation Solutions, provides Windows based Chemical Process Simulators/Trainers. We offer a variety of Control Systems and Chemical/Petrochemical Processes. Our Control Systems include a Generic System along with emulations of industry control systems used world wide such as Honeywell TDC3000, Rosemount, Yokogawa, TI, and Bailey.

* NEW * Power Plant Simulator

* NEW * Introduction to Troubleshooting Course

* NEW * Student Performance Analysis (SPA)

We have combined our Event Log Processor along with our What-If Exercise package and added a feature packed Trend Analyzer to create the Student Performance Analyzer (SPA). The SPA is a comprehensive analysis/grading package that is fully integrated with the simulator for evaluating student performance.

* NEW * Network Simulator

Thorn Technologies now offers a NETWORK based simulator. Multiple users can either run their own process or multiple users can run the same process. The INSTRUCTOR can monitor the actions and progress of each student station.

Our simulators, along with our evaluation tools, provide a complete and comprehensive training and testing/analysis training package.

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