A Parent's Guide to A Great Experience

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Soccer, like all other youth sports is meant to provide your children with an opportunity to have fun in a group environment. Learning how to love and enjoy an activity like soccer is the key to progress. In order for your child to benefit from the experience, you need to be an active supporter in the process of learning.

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Based on psychological research, the three healthiest statements moms and dads can make as kids perform are:
Before the Competition:   
Have fun.
Play hard.
I love you.

After the competition:
Did you have fun?
I’m proud of you.
I love you.

- See more at: http://fulleryouthinstitute.org/blog/the-only-six-words-parents-need-to-say-to-their-kids-about-sportsor-any-per#sthash.ILpPkTfA.dpuf


Here are some tips on how to help your child succeed:

Focus on Encouragement:

Share the Experience Together:

Don't Be Critical of Your Child’s Teammates! If your child hears you being critical, it will make him/her more critical of other teammates. Focus on supporting and helping your child's progress above all else.

Support the Referees:

Let Participants Dictate the Level of Competition. In an emotionally-charged atmosphere, parents can tend to heighten the level of competition. This is intimidating to children and can prevent a child’s progress because they lose interest in playing the game.

Recognize the Benefits of Your Child’s Participation on a Team:


I pledge to enjoy the journey with my child and not just focus on the destination. I will support the positive aspects of the experience and my child’s own personal objectives. I will support and respect the referees and coaches.

Too many parents are thinking about what they want their children to become. Playing youth sports is an opportunity to provide your child with a forum to learn. Personal growth and achievement can not be forced, it can only be encouraged.

A Player's Guide to A Great Experience

Soccer, like all other youth sports, is a chance to get with your friends and have fun as a group. If you feel like you are not having fun, talk to your parents about what makes you feel this way.

In order to become a better player, you need to:

One of the best things to learn through soccer is how to become an important part of the team:


I pledge to play fair and be respectful of all players, coaches, referees and to learn and enjoy playing soccer.

-From Middlesex Youth Soccer League

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