QTBatchExporter™: background multi-file encoder for QuickTime files


QTBatchExporter allows conversion of a batch of Apple™ QuickTime™ movie files to a different format, using the movie format exporters installed on your computer.

Most significantly, QTBatchExporter offers background conversion and export - with tunable system response - allowing you to seamlessly perform other tasks on your computer while exporting video or other QuickTime files to a different format.

For example, a group of raw captured video files could be exported as MPEG-1 (VCD) format, by selecting the Roxio™ Toast™ Video CD Exporter (if installed - or another third party exporter) after launching QTBatchExporter.

In contrast, the VCD Export feature of Toast (or within QuickTime, even when using AppleScript™) requires user intervention in conjunction with each file, or otherwise renders the computer unusable during encoding - cumbersome when long export times or many files are involved. However, with QTBatchExporter, the full utility of the Video CD Exporter or other QuickTIme file exporting can finally be realized.

If you are using Mac OS X, the background conversion feature of QTBatchExporter may seem moot with Mac OS X's preemptive multitasking, but QTBatchExporter still offers additional features, such as:

QTBatchExporter is a Carbonized application that runs natively under Mac OS versions 8.6 through Mac OS X. The CarbonLib Extension (installed as part of the OS) is required for Mac OS 8.6 - 9.x.

Demo Version Restrictions: An unregistered, demo version of QTBatchExporter will process up to 5 files at a time from the processing queue. After processing every 5 files, it will automatically enter Pause mode. To continue processing, click Resume. With an activation key (purchased from http://order.kagi.com/?UUJ1), this restriction is lifted.

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