Remember When…..

Chris Cassandra would yell out "Can't see, Can't see!!!" from his goalie position, and Larry Cheifetz answered "You don't want to!!!"

The cocky, arrogant, 4-0 1984 Rangers spent the day at Manasquan Beach, trying to come up with something unique to do before the game against the Penguins. So, they decided to burn a stuffed Penguin before the game at center ice! Luckily, they were able to pull out a miracle comeback, with two goals in the last five minutes of the game before Billy Z won the game in OT! Arrogant punks! J

Finally beating the Oilers/Bandits in 1990, 6-5 in an overtime/shoot out win, a game that was interrupted 2x by the lights at the rink going out, with a large crowd around the rink, cheering every good play, every hit. After Chris made the final save in the shoot out, he making like he was JD, hands held high up in the air, while the rest of us celebrated around him…

Going to work at Great Adventure the day after a game, with cuts and bruises all over your knees, elbows, faces cut up… we were a pretty sight, weren't we?!

Drinking before games, either in someone's basement or at Nomoco Road, then going to play the game. Then, one day, trying to do that again, and realizing that we couldn't play the game, that we were all going to get sick right there on the rink! The first sign that we were starting to age a little bit.

Parties at Club Hanson after the games…Tevlin celebrating his birthday after a game by drinking way too much brandy, and spending the evening next to Hanson's garbage can!