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"Eyes that shine, burning red, dreams of us, all through their heads!"

"Red Death..... Always had it, always will...."


The history of the Red Death Hockey Club is long and prestigious. The seeds for the club were planted at the tennis courts on Stonehurst Blvd., during the late 70s and early 80s, where after school games of street hockey occurred on a daily basis. Using masking tape on the fences for the goals, and always looking to check someone into the tennis net post, this was the place where street hockey skills were honed. By 1983, the team moved to what at the time was only the 2nd street hockey rink in New Jersey at Liberty Oak Park in Freehold, where many summer nights were spent gnashing elbows and scarring knees playing in the adult Freehold Street Hockey League. The battles with the Oilers, the Hooters, and with the cross-town rival Flames, where crowds of over 100 people would be in attendance for the game, are still talked about with reverence. The team's final season of competition was the summer of 1990, though a subset of Red Death alumni did later play a few years in the Goodsports Street Hockey League, winning one championship, and then merging with former members of the archrival Flames to win another championship at Goodsports.

This is a look back at a group of guys who partook in many before game gatherings (Nomoco Road!), after game replenishments (Moore's Inn, Club Hanson!), laughter, frustration, good times and bad, with fond memories of hot summer nights, under the lights at Liberty Oak Park, sharing their love for street hockey. Friendships made that continue on to this day…

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