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" I got a bad, bad feeling my baby don't live here no more.

guitarra.gif (986 bytes)    That's alright,  I still got my guitar"  -- Jimi Hendrix

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I will really listen to most types of music (no, not polka).  I have a big chunk of mp3s on my hard drive from Top Gun to the Tombraider theme.  Here are some of the bands I like.



Hootie and the Blowfish-
    Straight out of South Carolina.  Great modern, southern band.   Songs I
    would recommend:

        - Hold My Hand                         - I Will Wait
        - Only Wanna Be With You         - Let Her Cry
        - Hanna Jane                            - I Go Blind

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Wide Mouth Mason-

You've probably never heard of 'em but their a sweet Canadian band.

Here's a sample-       Mary Mary

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-- Four thugs straight out of Cleveland.  Good rappers --

See ya at the crossroads...


jonnylangC1.jpg (3850 bytes) Jonny Lang                       guitarsp.gif (17240 bytes)                             
Jonny Lang is a sweet young guitarist.  Wander This World is the follow up to
multi-platnum album Lie To Me.


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Rapper's Delight is still one of the best rap songs.  Even if you don't
like rap, it's still a classic that's worth it.
Sugar Hill Gang - original 14 min. version
Def Squad (Keith Murrey, Erik Sermon, and Redman) - new 90's version


Hit List

The following are people that I don't like for some reason or another.  I
don't dislike very many people, but here they are.


1. Puff Daddy - played out
2. Celine Dion - great voice and songs, too cocky
3. Lauryn Hill - racist  *I know the white guy that gets chased in the Fugees video
4. Any DJ who destroys good songs
5. Boy George - well... no, just no

anyone you want to see on or off the hitlist, mail me

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