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                       Here are movies that I have seen and like a lot.  If you haven't seen one, I
                           would definitely recommend it.


                     The Saint             saint.gif (1780 bytes)

                    Movie sounds-

                    " 50 million, I'm out" - Simon

                    Carry cards around in your underwear? - Emma & Simon


                    The Princess Bride

            If you haven't seen it, go.

pbride.jpg (8899 bytes)

Here are some sounds from the movie

                Vizzini - Inconcievable!

                Inigo - His famous phrase

                Inigo - Why do you keep saying that word?

                Westly - As you wish     1   2   3

                Inigo - I don't mean to pry, but do you happen to have six fingers?



            This is one of my favorite movies of all time.  They have a show on Showtime called
                        Stargate:SG1 that I also watch.  I am making an addon for Half-life dealing with Stargate.
                        You can check out my Stargate:SG1 page


sw1.gif (2832 bytes)

                            Star Wars is an awesome trilogy of movies.  Since the re-release of the new remastered videos,
                            people are even more into it.  The new prequils have to be some of, if not the most, anticipated
                            movies of all-time.  The addition of the new prequils should be great.


                            Kevin Smith's trilogy:

                        Clerks, Mallrats, and Chasing Amy

                        If you're looking for a lot of laughs, look no further.  These three movies are all
                    good and can make you laugh.  All I can say is see them.

                      Dante - 37! My girlfriend sucked 37... (well, you know the rest.   not for the easily offended)
Brody - On Mr. Toad's Wild Ride  funny


                      Brothers McMullen           

                          bromc.jpg (4797 bytes)

                             This is a great movie about brothers living in New York that each have unique
                        problems in their love lives.  Ed Burns (writer, director, and star) in this movie
                        is hilarious and Maxine Bahns is hot.  * If you like this movie, check out his other
                        movies- She's the One  and   No Looking Back


               Boyz n the Hood

" Who knows, maybe somebody will smoke me." - Doughboy (Ice Cube)

                  Boyz in the Hood is a very realistic movie about life in da hood.   Watch ya back or ya
                  might get smoked.  John Singleton tried to give a message to the black community
                  but if it reached it or not, I don't know.  It's a very good movie. 

                boyzndahood.jpg (5077 bytes)


                                         Pred_logo.gif (5835 bytes)                  arnold.jpg (10042 bytes) Arnold Schwarzenegger
                                                                                                                                            as Major Dutch Schaefer

                                Arnold Schwarzenegger leads his six man special outfit into the Central American
                        jungles to retrieve another lost team.  When they find the bodies strangly mutilated, they
                        suspect rebells; only, something from beyond this planet is hunting them!

                            Great effects for 1987 and great acting by Arnold    *also, gotta love the crewcut
Arnold: CIA has got you pushing too many pencils?


sw1.jpg (5091 bytes)

The Phantom Menace, or Star Wars: Episode One, is going to be very big.  I know that I
mentioned it already, but I thought that it wasn't enough.  Here are some screenshots I took
from the trailer.  If you haven't seen the trailer yet, go here:

* Be warned though, they are about 20 megs for each *

wpe1.jpg (7180 bytes)  wpe2.jpg (6826 bytes)  wpe3.jpg (7610 bytes)  wpe4.jpg (9862 bytes)
Click on an image to view it
Also, check the main page for the countdown till the movie is released everywhere

                                                                                 SWgood.gif (14544 bytes)

                                        Here is a list of other movies that I liked that I haven't put profiles on yet.

                        1. Tombstone
                        2. Cadence- go to my Cadence page here
                        3.  Indiana Jones Trilogy
4.  Back to the Future Trilogy
5.  Top Gun

                        If you think a movie that isn't up here, should be, mail me.

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