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The following games are really excellent games that I have played and think are
great.  I would recommend checking out any of these games.


Half-Life    hl.gif (80638 bytes)

    This is a great 3d-action games for the PC.  It uses the Quake2 engine, only modified
and has advanced modeling and graphics, as well as very intelligent AI(artificial intelligence).

    Screenshots:  Here are some screenshots that I took in the game
        1    2    3    4    5



    Another great game, this is a 3rd person adventure rpg game.   It's basically in a class of it's own (excluding dumb clones) and sets an extrodinary precedent.  It is a fairly old game, so it's cheap as well.  I would definitely check it out.


King's Quest 8: Mask of Eternity

    King's Quest 8 is the eighth (surprise?) game in the classic King's Quest series.  While critics don't like it, I stick by it and would recommend it to anyone who like to fight and think all in one game.

kq8-frozen1.jpg (43094 bytes)


The Dig

    * This is probably my all-time favorite game.  It has SuperVGA graphics, but who
        cares.  Robert Patrick provides the voice for the main character, Boston Low. 
        The game has a great story,
excellent music, and a German antagonist which is
         always good. :-)

dig.jpg (43427 bytes)

Story: When an asteroid is calculated to be on a collision course with Earth, NASA
          sends a team of specialists to stop it with nuclear devices.  Upon further
          investigation, the teams finds that this isn't any regular asteroid...
                *I won't spoil the surprise.  All I can say is give a try.


Star Wars: Dark Forces 2- Jedi Knight

    Another all-around, all-time great game.  If you're a Star Wars fan, this game is not to be missed.  You play Kyle
Katarn, a Jedi-in-training, throughout the game.  You must stop the evil Jerec from taking over the Valley of the Jedi
and becoming all powerful.  You can follow the path of light and good, or be tempted by the Dark Side.  It's all up to
you in this great game.  Great musical score from the movies.

Click for an enlarged version of the image

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nuke.gif (7099 bytes)  Duke Nukem 3d   nuke.gif (7099 bytes)

If you're looking for a crude-talking, ass kicking, 3d shooting-   look no further.  The fun factor in this game
is extremely high.  After having a bad day in school or at the office, boot it up and defragment some alien
scum, or go online and frag your friends and coworkers.  It's still one of my favorite games, and I'm looking
foward toward the sequel- Duke Nukem: Forever.



   If you haven't heard of Lara Croft you have probably been in Siberia for the past year.  She is
the main character in the Tombraider series.  In my opinion, the first was the best, but 2 and 3 are
still alright, although they might be tapping this "well" dry.  Also, look for the movie coming in 2000.

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I will update this page a little later on...

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