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Yeah, I'm an Ass Man

1999 WWF King of the Ring
Congratulations King Ass


"He knows everything there is to know about...well, ass"
- Jerry "The King" Lawler

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Forget about Triple H, here's Triple A-

All About Ass:

Name:"The Bad Ass" Billy Gunn
Nickname: Mr. Ass, The Ass Man
Real Name: Monty Sopp aka Kip Sopp
Birthday: November 11st
Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 254 lbs.

IWF:  Kip Winchester 
        Smoking Gunns - Bart & Billy Gunn
        Rockabilly - under the Honky Tonk Man
        New Age Outlaws - with the Road Dogg Jesse James
Finishing Move: Fame Asser
Titles Held: Tag Team Champion
                  The Intercontinental Champion
Quotes: " I'll make you famous"
            " If you ain't down with it, I got two word for ya! SUCK IT!"
Car: White Saab/Honda?


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If you're not down with the Ass Man,
there's only two words for ya...