TCP/IP Control Panel
(a.k.a. Open Transport)

This is the 2nd of the two programs Mac has had to use the TCP protocol. Definitely the better of the two, it's a single-screen setup with few settings that need to be adjusted.

1. How can I tell what dynamic IP address has been assigned to me?
While connected, go into the TCP window and in the IP address is what you're looking for.

2. All my PPP settings are correct, but I still can't get connected. Is there anything to check in TCP?
The only settings that could cause problems here are Connect via, Configure, and IP address. If Connect Via says "PPP", Configure says "Using PPP server", and IP address is "will be assigned by server" then it's set properly to connect.

3. Slow connection. Anything I can adjust here?
Supposedly leaving the search domains field blank will lead to a faster connection. This is not verified, but if you've tried everything else, give it a shot.

Connect Via and Configure must be listed as "PPP" and "Using PPP server" respectively.
IP address should be listed as "will be supplied by server", even if the customer has a static IP.
Primary & secondary DNS entries go in the name server addr. field.
Put "" in the addl. search domains field. If it seems slow, you may wish to leave this blank (see question 3).