This was the first of two TCP programs created for the Mac. It consists of two screens, but you only need to change settings on one.

1. What's with the stuff like "Appletalk" and "Localtalk"?
Those are network configurations for Apple. The best way to think of it is that the PPP icon here is equivilant to "TCP/IP==>DialUpAdapter" in Windows, and the *talk icons are equivilant to "TCP/IP==>DialUpAdapter2 VPN Support". In other words, don't touch them.

2. It seems kind of slow. Anything that can be changed here?

Supposedly, leaving the additional search domain field blank will speed the rate at which pages load. This has not been verified, but if you've tried everything else, give it a shot.

3. How do I determine which dynamic IP was assigned to me?
If you go into the MacTCP control panel while connected, near the bottom is a field named IP Adrress which lists the current IP that has been assigned to you.

When you reach this first screen, click on PPP, then click on Options.
If you go to this screen while already connected the IP address field will be filled with the IP currently being used.
Always have IP address set to server assigned, even if they have a static IP.
Leave gateway address as all zeroes.
If the connection sems slow, you may wish to leave the domain field (not the address fields) blank.