Location Manager allows PowerBook users to switch a whole bunch of settings at once that are affected by being at a different location. This includes things like printers and time zone but also includes connection settings.

What OS does this work with? Version 1? Must be on Powerbook with OS 7.6 or later. Version 2? Any computer that has 8.1 or later.

Where is it and how can they get it? If it's preinstalled then it should be in a control panel called Location Manager. If they don't have it they can download it from http://www.apple.com/swupdates

How do you create a location? Open the Location Manager. In the Location Manager window click the New button on the right hand side. It will bring up a new "untitled" window. Type in a name for this Location in the "Location Name" field. Then select "Save Location" in the File menu.

Each location contains several modules. Each module is a different setting that is specific to that location. Modules for each location can be added, removed, and changed.

Auto-Open Item: Automatically starts a certain program when changing to that location. When you add the Auto-Open module, you can browse for which file you want to auto-open, then click Add. You can add this module multiple times.

Default Printer: You first have to have the printer you want in the chooser, then add the Default Printer module.

Extensions Manager: Changes which extensions are active based on location. Don't touch this!!

File Sharing: This Module will turn File Sharing on or off.

Networking: This Module will switch between Configurations of the AppleTalk and TCP/IP control panels only. This Module will not allow you to save a setting named "Default". You will need to use the AppleTalk and TCP/IP control panels to create multiple Configurations prior to saving the current setting with Location Manager.

Sound: You can change the daefault volume level.

Time Zone:

How do they add a module to a location they've created?

Go into Location Manager, go into location you want, click on module you want, then click Add. Make sure they have the settings for this module set the way they want, before adding it. Some Modules require that they create a configuration with the settings that they wish before adding them, such as the Extensions Manager Module or the Networking Module.

How do they get the Location Manger to ask which Location to use on startup?

Go into Location Manager, click Edit on top, then click Preferences. There should be a box for the Startup Switching preference. You may select to have the Location Manager at startup ask you to select a location as either Never, Always, If I hold down the spacebar. Note that the dialog box that appears at startup is set only stays on for a few minutes.

How do they change to a different Locations? Either (A) Go into control strip and click on Location Manager box. (B) Location Manager control panel. Change the "current location" box.