Apple Computer Support, news, & info Obviously, this is Apple Computer's main site. Included here is a knowledge base, tech specs on every Mac ever, latest news and other Apple propaganda.
Apple knowledge base &
(both subject to change)
Support Until recently, this was the worst support page ever. It now works very similarly to the Microsoft Searchable Knowledge Base. It will ask for an Apple ID and password. You can use: "" and "testmonmouth"
MacinTouch message board Any Mac related topic is usually discussed here. The categories are listed on the right side. The problem is that the threads are often long, often overly technical, and the only way to find your sub-topic is using the browser search.
MacOS Rumors News Pretty much as it sounds, recent news and specualtion on upcoming mac events. There's an archive but it's not useful for support purposes, since it's categorize solely by date, and half of it is untrue.
Support Mechanic for Macs Screenshots Nice setup with imagemaps of the screenshots so you can see what comes up in response to clicking on certain options.
Earthlink Tech Support Screenshots,
Walkthroughs for every version of every PPP and TCP program there is.
As the Apple Turns Downloads Everything from OS updates to Apple Remote Access can be downloaded here.
Sun Remarketing Service &
If a customer needs help finding software or hardware for an older Mac this is THE place to go.