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All Else Fails Rebuild desktop
AT Commands Finding...
At Ease What is it? Can't browse with...
Automatically Dials How to stop it
CD-Rom Drive Removing CD from
ConfigPPP Help with...
Control Panel Internet Internet Config
Dial Properties
Disconnects Idle Timeout Random
Error Codes List of... Error -7117 Error 3, 10, or "unexpected" [File] Missing
. Error -119
Location Manager How to use...
Internet Explorer Delete Cache MS Help Article IE freezes CPU
Modem Modem not listed Updating drivers
Multiple Settings Remote Access Location Manager
Multilink How to use...
Netscape Netscape 6 Sudden quit
No Dial Tone Troubleshooting
Open Transport Won't load right
Outlook Express Tutorials
Ping How to...
PPP Programs Differences Remote Access FreePPP ConfigPPP
Rebuild Desktop How to...
Remote Access Multiple connections Not loading up Duplicating settings Error opening
Sleep Mode ...freezes CPU
Slow Connection No v.90 on some iMacs Settings to check
Sound Static on iMac None with powerbook
TCP Programs Differences OpenTransport(TCP) MacTCP
Traceroute How to...
Version Number How to find the...
Virtual PC Right clicking Dial Up Ntwk.
iMac 350s can't use v.90* If someone using an older iMac complains about slow connection speeds, this might be the problem. These iMacs have been on sale since 10/99. In the article it states Apple denies any problem and "blame for V.90 not working 'will be put on phone lines and ISP's.'"

There is a script available from Apple for iMacs with 56k modems that are having problems with unstable connects. It reduces the top speed to 33.6k, but is more stable.

Error -7117 or hangs showing status as "Determining Protocol"
If you get this specific error, they are probably using Apple Remote Access. Click on the Options button in the lower part of the Remote Access screen. Next, select the Protocol tab. If they're receiving this error, the selection "Use protocol" is most likely set to Automatic. Click on the down arrow next to Automatic and choose PPP. Click OK. The new settings are immediately in effect. They will be asked to save the changes when the Remote Access control panel is closed.

How to rebuild desktop
This is the ultimate "if all else fails" option for the Mac. Restart the computer with the Option and Apple keys held down. Release the Option and Apple key after the Macintosh asks if you want to rebuild the Desktop. Answer OK.

If Appletalk loads when trying to make a connection or trying to run Open Transport
According to the good folks at Apple: In low memory situations, where there is not enough memory to load Open Transport, Classic AppleTalk will load instead. This is true even for PCI-based Macs (assuming both networking systems are installed)! However, on these PCI-based Macs, Classic AppleTalk will be "limited to support only for AppleTalk on LocalTalk; no TCP/IP services will be available."
*** In other words: They need more memory. ***

If they're disconnecting after a certain period of time (using Remote Access)
Go into the Apple menu, then Control Panels, then Remote Access. Click Options, then click on the Connections tab. Uncheck "disconnect if idle".

What modem should be listed in the modem control panel?

No dial tone error message
Go into the Modem control panel and check "Ignore Dial Tone" (sometimes a poor line or a line with voice mail will provide a dial tone that the computer can't recognize). If after you do that they get a "modem not responding properly" error, go into Remote Access and put some commas in front of the phone number.

Outlook Express 5 Tutorials
Preferences, which are found under Edit (not Tools/Options)
* Identities are under File, just like in Windows.
* The main page

How to make an alias (a.k.a. shortcut)
Click on the icon to highlight it, click File, then Make Alias.

One page that explains the difference between the different TCP programs, and different PPP programs.

Why is my connection going so slow?
* If using ConfigPPP, make sure Flow control is set to "none".
* If using MacTCP, click on the More button. You might want to erase anything typed in Domain (located next to IP address). The computer will look up DNS by the domain name before checking out the DNS numbers you have typed in.
* If using Apple Remote Access, click on the Options button below. Make sure PPP is chosen. Some people might tell you that ARAP is supposed to make your connection faster. It doesn't.
* If using TCP Control Panel once again make sure it's set to PPP, and you might want to eliminate the domain names (just like for MacTCP above).

How do you traceroute or ping on a Mac?
There's nothing built into a Mac to do that. There is a free program called "WhatRoute" available at
Shareware.com and at Tucows.com

How do you do Multilink on a Mac?
None of the ordinary PPP programs can handle Multilink. There is one Shareware program (looks like it won't work after 30 days unless you register it) from FCR called
LinkUPPP! which can handle standard Multilink.

If they're using Virtual PC to connect, how do they right click?
On older versions of Virtual PC, use shift+control. Newer ones use, control+mouse click.

How to connect via Virtual PC
Because some sites require a Windows computer to gain access, some Mac folks connect via Virtual PC.
The Virtual PC website briefly discusses the two methods. Each one involves changing the Virtual PC settings, then changing the Windows settings.

Microsoft's IE for Mac Page
Some useful stuff
here, as far as what to do if IE won't work. To delete cache, click Edit:Preferences:Advanced: click "Empty Now"

Internet Explorer keeps freezing the computer
It's possible that the Internet Preferences file is corrupt. To solve this (assuming this is the problem) drage Internet Preferences from the Preference folder into the Trash. Restart computer. Reapply settings in Internet Control Panel.

Using multiple connections with Remote Access
To switch between various configurations, click on File, then Configurations (if they can't find File, Command-K should work.) Next, click on the connection you wish to alter and click Make Active.

Setting up multiple connections in Remote Access
If you want to create a new connection (like if you want to set up two similar connections with two POPs), click on a connection, then Duplicate, then Rename.
What to do if an iMac user is getting static after making a connection?
It's a bug that sets sound to modem so that the customer can hear it dialing. Set sound control panel and change it from modem to sound-in.

Customer's modem is not listed in either Internet Setup Assistant or Modem Control Panel
The modem script file (which is the same as a modem driver and is referred to as a CCL) for that particular modem is not in Modem Scripts sub-folder of the Extensions folder. If they have a copy of the CCL, either somewhere on the hard drive or on the modem CD, they can simply copy it into that folder. Then if they go back into the Assistant or Modem control panel it should be listed as a choice.

How do you update a modem driver (aka modem script) on a Mac?
Once you get the modem script, drop it into the Modem Scripts folder. That folder is located in the Extensions folder.

What's the difference between Internet Config and the Internet Control Panel?
They both do pretty much the same thing. They both are a place to store vaious internet-related settings. Not all programs look at these settings, but most of the big ones do (Netscape, IE, etc.) The control panel is made by Apple. The Internet Config is a third party product that was included in some versions of the OS. Some computers have one, some have both. They both have equal priority since they both write to the same configuration file.

What to do if they get a [file] missing error
If they say that InternetAccessPPC, SOM, AppleScriptLib, or OTUtilityLib is missing, then essential extensions are not active. They may have started the computer with the shift button down (it's not safe mode, but close enough) or the extension is M.I.A.

If they get this error, have them restart and make sure no key is held down. Still not working? Talk to Apple about extensions.

What is At Ease, and what can they do if you can't browse with it on?
If they can't browse with it on, turning off file sharing will allow it to work again.

Apple Remote Access gives an error on launch or refuses to launch at all.
ARA may give an error such as:
* "AppleTalk Remote Access Setup Error: No Description"
* Inits turned off
* Error -5555 (or higher)

They need to turn on AppleTalk (which is necessary for ARA to function) in the Chooser. If it just refuses to launch, the AppleTalk version they have may be older than version 57.04. Supposedly, reinstalling the ARA installer will fix it.

A crash on the internet has knocked out sound on a customer's powerbook.
An internet-related computer crash or freeze can sometimes set Sound Input from Internal Modem to None. To fix this, go into the Control Strip and choose Sound Input. If it's already set to Internal Modem, change it to something else, restart, then change it back.

Where are a list of AT commands (most likely) located on the customer's hard drive and restore CD?
Hard Disk:Applications:FaxSTF:ATCom56flex(apple).pdf
Restore CD:Macintosh HD:Files:Applications:FaxSTF:ATCom56flex(apple).pdf

Automatically dials (unexpectedly)
To stop this behavior, check the following items: Remove the start up file in the Startup Items folder. Open the Remote Access control panel and click Options... ; the Options window appears. Click the Protocol tab, then select the PPP protocol. Click the "Connect automatically when starting TCP/IP applications" checkbox to deselect this option. Close the Remote Access control panel. Open the TCP/IP control panel. Verify that the User Mode is set for Advanced. (The User Mode can be set by choosing User Mode... in the Edit menu.) Click the Options... button; the Options window appears. Click the "Load only when needed" checkbox to select that option. Turn off File Sharing and Web Sharing. Check the email application settings. Open the Date & Time control panel. Deselect the "Use a Network Time Server" option. Open the Software Update control panel. Deselect the "Update software automatically" option. Quitting the Web browser is not necessary if the above settings are correct.

If a customer is connected to the internet, then goes into safe mode, it might freeze the computer.
This problem is solved in OS 9.0.4. They need to upgrade to OS 9, then download the upgrade to 9.0.4 (or later)

How to tell what version OS a customer is using or what version of a particular program they are running.
To tell what version of OS a customer is running have them close any open windows then click on the Apple menu (the little Apple logo on the top-left corner). Just below will be an option called "About this computer". There is where you'll find the OS number.
To find out the version number of a program, have that program be the highlighted window, then click on the apple menu. Below will be "About [name of program]". Click on it and it will give you a version number.

How on earth do you remove a cd from the cd rom drive?
Drag the CD icon into the Trash icon.