The Internet Control Panel
(This is for Mac OS 8.5 or later only, prior to this Mac bundled software called InternetConfig which is third party software.)
Settings in the Internet Control Panel are only functional for third-party applications that are designed to support Internet Config. Changing information in the Internet Control Panel may change similar information in one or more applications. Not all applications will use all of the information settings. See the documentation for each application for details.

To access the Internet control panel, select Internet in the Control Panels folder. When first using the Internet control panel, the default Internet setting is named 'untitled'. To rename this set, select Rename Set from the File menu:
To switch between active sets, select the set from the pull-down menu:

There are five sections of settings within a set: Personal, E-Mail, Web, News, and Advanced. To begin editing these settings, click the disclosure triangle next to Edit Sets:

After you have completed editing settings for a set, select Save Settings from the File menu.