Config PPP

ConfigPPP was the first PPP program for the Mac. On some older Macs this is the only PPP program that is available. Versions 2.2 and 2.5 are really only different as far as the layout of the main window.

1. What do you do if the customer gets an error 'PPP Wait Timeout - Wait on OK'?
It may be due to either: Port Speed rate set to high, or fax software is conflicting with the installed PPP programs.

2. How do you save or not save the username and/or password?
Click on the "Config" button on the main screen. From there, click the "Authentication" button. Here you will see fields for username and password. Leave blank if you don't want them saved, fill them if you do.

When you click on the button you'll see:

This is the window that the customer should see when they hit the button.