Modem Script
Power Macintosh G3 (Blue & White) PowerMac G3 Internal 56K, PowerMac G3 Int56K (v.34 Only)
PowerBook G3 Series PowerBook G3 Internal 56K, PowerBook G3 Int56K (v.34 Only)
iMac iMac Internal 56K, iMac Internal 56k (v.34 Only)
Power Macintosh G3 & Power Macintosh 6500 Apple/GV 56K
PowerBook 3400 & PowerBook G3 PowerBook 3400/G3 Internal 33.6
Geoport Telecom Adapter (internal or external) Geoport/Express Modem

This is to determine which modem you should put into the Modem control panel if you ever need to go there.