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Each spring, MCHA celebrates the arrival of warmer weather with an open house at Holmes-Hendrickson, where costumed interpreters show visitors how to card wool, spin, and weave.

    The new spinning wheel ... :)

In 1998, MCHA started a new summer program at the Allen House. Each participant became an archaeologist, learning the methods and doing the work of an actual dig: from setup, hands-on excavation, detailed measurements and paperwork to cleanup, on the site of a tavern that was in operation from 1754-1814. The program was a great success, and in 1999, we more than doubled the number of campers attending the two week-long sessions.

Archaeology Camp 2000 promises to be the best year yet!  We've added an additional week of  excavating, scholarship opportunities, and the archaeology lab has found a full-time home at the Allen House, complete with a display of artifacts found in camp excavations.   If you're not able to join us, come visit during camp ... we'll be happy to show you what we've found!

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