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Founded in 1898, the Monmouth County Historical Association has been collecting and interpreting this region's rich history for over a century.  Our programs are designed to make the past come alive for your students.  Experienced educators present interactive programs designed to meet many of New Jersey's Core Curriculum Standards, particularly in Social Studies and Language & Arts Literacy.  A variety of programs is available:  at the historic houses, at the museum, or in your classroom.  They are especially appropriate for grades 3 through 5, but can be adapted to accommodate any age group.

Museum Programs

MCHA MUSEUM & LIBRARY 70 Court Street, Freehold
available year round, Tuesday through Friday

The Discovery Room  offers children a rich experience in a hands-on interactive gallery designed just for them.  Reproduction items allow children to learn first-hand about life in the past by trying on Colonial and Victorian costumes and discovering toys of the past.  The children can also experience the excitement of a fully equipped camp tent like those used by Revolutionary War soldiers.

Education programs at the museum also include the special exhibition:

"Revolution in Monmouth!"

A tour of the museum exhibition offers a perfect introduction to the June 1778 "Battle of Monmouth". Learn about one of the longest battles of the American Revolution through illustrations, paintings, miliatary maps and objects used on the field of battle.  Learn the legends and history of the famous Molly Pitcher and see how she has been depicted in art and as an advertising icon.
Program Length(includes Discovery Room):  60 minutes

Historic House Programs

Learn about 18th century life inside any of the MCHA's four historic houses, and enjoy one of the following special programs:

MARLPIT HALL, Middletown
"Choosing Sides"
-available May through October

In 1776, not everyone supported American Independence, including the Taylor family of Marlpit Hall.  Discover their story and that of the enslaved Africans living with them.  Students decide for themselves which side to support in the struggle for independence and equality.
Program Length:  60 minutes.

"Hearth & Home"
-available October through May, Wednesday & Friday only, 10am & 11am
A tour of the 1750's house illustrates the changes that took place in the lives of William and Elizabeth Covenhoven as they moved away from their Dutch traditions and embraced a more English lifestyle. Students see costumed interpreters cook cornbread, gingerbread, sizzled eggs, and other colonial foods over the open hearth, then sample the results.
Program Length: 60 minutes.

"Farm & Family"
-available May through October
Costumed interpreters introduce students to 18th-century Dutch and English customs and architecture as they go through a Dutch farm house. Upstairs, students join in carding, spinning, and weaving as well as flax breaking, to experience the labor involved in textile production.
Program Length: 90 minutes.

ALLEN HOUSE, Shrewsbury
"Tavern Life, Public Life"
-available May through November
The tavern in 18th century New Jersey was much more than a place to eat, drink, and sleep. Halstead's tavern at Shrewsbury's "Historic Four Corners" also functioned as a court, town hall, post office, and news center for the surrounding countryside. Students take a close look at the role taverns played in civic life.
Program Length: 60 minutes.

Traveling Trunk Programs

-available Monday through Friday, year-round

Experienced educators bring these interactive programs to your classroom:
(* - indicates programs also suitable for groups ages 18 & up)

Costumed interpreters bring clothing, canteens, maps, prints and other artifacts to give students a sense of what life was like for soldiers and camp followers at the Battle of Monmouth in June of 1778.
Program Length: 90 minutes.

See the tools of textile production in action!  Costumed interpreters demonstrate carding, spinning and weaving wool. Students will learn who in the family had to help in this process, and why fabric was so valuable in the 18th century.
Program Length: 60 minutes.

By using inquiry-based learning techniques to examine various artifacts, students will find clues in everyday objects from the past to help learn both about the people who used them as well as the world in which they lived.
Program Length: 60 minutes.

The life of the Lenape are presented using maps, artifacts, and reproductions. Interpreters help students understand early culture of our local Native Americans.
Program Length: 60 minutes.

Interpreters bring 19th century school house to life in your classroom using photographs, reproductions and information on subjects taught and rules of decorum. Students compare their school day with the 19th century student's experience.
Program Length: 60 minutes.

Discover how the Civil War forced an entire country to divide and an entire population to choose sides.  By handling reproduction uniforms and artifacts that a soldier might have used in daily activities, students will get a sense of what life was like in the Confederate and Union armies of the 1860s.  Songs of the period will be taught that tell of the struggle of division.
Program Length: 60 minutes. Recommended for grades 5-8.

Video Program


From paintings, prints and scenes of the battlefield itself, viewers get a sense of what life was like for a Revolutionary War soldier and how this one battle came to take place in Monmouth County.  This video is most effective when shown in conjunction with the Battle of Monmouth Trunk Program.
Program Length: 20 minutes.

Slide Programs

View rare slides of the North American Phalanx, a portrait of the Delaware Lenape Chief Tishcohan, and a view of the Sandy Hook Lighthouse from 1764.  This narrated forty-minute slide show introduces the history of Monmouth County.  In addition to working well with small groups, this is perfect for larger assembly programs.
Program Length: 40 minutes.

This narrated slide show chronicles the Battle of Monmouth.  It also illustrates a young soldier's life and experiences during this crucial time.
Program Length: 20 minutes.

Cost & Information

To Schedule a program Cost of Programs A Few Things to Keep in Mind Regarding Our Programs:

Special Events
 - call the museum at 732-462-1466 for details & cost.

Covenhoven Open House
First Sunday in April
Visit this wonderfully preserved historic home and see our professionally trained interpreters as they prepare traditional colonial fare over a blazing open hearth.

Lantern Tours
First Friday in December
Conducted in cooperation with Christ Church, this even provides an opportunity to tour the historic sites at Shrewsbury's legendary "Four Corners".

Wool Days
Usually the last weekend in April
Presented in conjunction with the County Park System's living history program at Longstreet Farm.  This wonderful program shows visitors the process from sheep shearing to fininshed woven wool.

For more information or to make reservations for any of the above programs,
please call (732) 462-1466

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