Koga No Kagero


       This is where you will find all the CG artwork that I make.  As of right now, I only have 10 pictures up, but I'll be sure to make more soon.  Japanese CG artists who draw awesome anime/game artwork were my motivation to try my hand at this kinda art.  While my skills are no way on-par with those Nipponites, I try my best.  Adobe Photoshop rules more than corn flakes, and if you have some imagination and some time to spare, I'll be happy to teach you some tricks, ok?  =^,^=




It's been a while since I've done a CG, but once I saw Nina's outfit in Tekken4, I had to draw her violet bodysuit!  This was my first time attempting reflective, iridescent clothes, and it was a serious pain in the ass.  However, those purple shades are just too cute!  I don't see Nina as being a top tier character this time around, but she's still got plenty of attitude and killer threads.




Asuka Chang is a prospect character idea for Namco's (hopefully) future game, Tekken4.  I like Asuka a lot, she's evil!  She's the illegitimate daughter of Devil Jin and Julia Chang,.  This is a new style of drawing I am trying, using a Silvestri model as a guide for body proportions.  This is also the first time I spent a long time working on a background, but I think it was worth it.




I was sick at home one day, so I decided to draw a different kind of Tekken picture.  Here is Kunimitsu wearing a masquerade ballroom dress, holding her small cat mask in her hand.  The drawing style used in this picture was influenced by CG artist Mike154.  A lot of times he would color over the lines or miss coloring spots entirely.  I found this to be a potent technique and wanted to give it a shot. 




Nina has been my favorite character in the Tekken series.  Her favorite outfit was her purple catsuit, which they took away from her in T3/TTT. :(  Anyways, here she is wading in a shallow stream, receiving her instructions from Toshin via a black flaming floating sphere object.




I always thought those little SD (super-deformed) Chibi-style cartoon pics where the character's heads are as big as the body are too ky00t, and I had to try one.  I drew myself with my King plushie snaggled between my teeth, guarding my horde of Tekken crap/junk.  This pic is dedicated to the two other people I know who actually own a King plushie (you know who U are!) 




This is a Thanks/Congradulatory pic of Michelle Chang that I did for Crystal Aura.  She taught me some tricks with Photoshop filters as well as recommended some inking pens that I could use (which I did for this picture).  She is a very imaginative artist, good friend, and devoted Tekken fan.  Check out her Jin Kazama's Discorama website for unique kickass art!




A fellow CG artist recently checked out my gallery. He said that he enjoys my color shading, but said that I really screw up in drawing the faces for my pictures. I did this as an exercise to try to work on my face drawing. Oh yeah, the picture. Who is she? I don't know, never gave her a name.. I like it better that way.




Even wonder how Kagero might have looked like when she was 16 years old?  Probably not, but I have.  This picture is supposed to be during her Koga training, before she received her checkered obi.




I've always been a fan of female assassins, my favorite being Kagero from the Japanese manga Ninja Scroll.  She's wearing a top and a miniskirt, which is not her usual kei-kogi attire.. but why cover the arms and middrift on a hot summer night?  As the third 3rd CG pic I've ever done, I think I'm starting to get the hang of perspective shadowing.




This is my 2nd CG picture.  It's a sorta cross between Taki of Soul Calibur and Ling Xiaoyu of Tekken3.  Again, the anthromorphic theme pops up, but a pair of kitty ears really puts the 'K' in Kawaii!




This is the 1st CG pic I've ever done.  It was an experiment in Photoshop I did on an old picture I drew.  The picture is of Battia Bureitin Rou, an anthromorphic Interim Commander in the manga Outlanders.

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