Physical Therapy, Sportsmedicine, Rehabilitation

The Staff

Our staff is our greatest asset!!

Karen is the founder of Fitness in Therapy.  She is a certified athletic trainer and licensed physical therapist, specializing in orthopedics, sportsmedicine, and athletic injuries.  Karen enjoys interfacing with clients in industry, as well as in the clinic, to assist them in full rehabilitation.

Joseph, a licensed physical therapist, has over ten years of experience in orthopedics, sportsmedicine, and industrial injuries.  His focus is to implement exercise programs into everyday work and home life in order to provide total wellness.

Robert H. Witt, PT

Robert specializes in athletic injuries, orthopedic conditions and manual mobilization including spinal techniques and is McKenzie trained.  His focus is to integrate his clinical expertise with the needs of his clients.

Cheryl Dolan, PT

Cheryl's specialties include neurologic, orthopedic and sports rehabilitation.  She enjoys working closely with her clients to return them to full activities of daily living.

Steven D. Friedeman, PT, CSCS

Steve's background encompasses outpatient orthopedics and strength training.  He emphasizes therapeutic exercise programs and conditioning to insure prevention and re-occurrence of injury.  The mainstay of his program design is the delicate balance of  flexibility and strength.

Carrie Albrizio, PT
Rod specializes in orthopedic and sports related injuries.  Interested in post surgical knee and back rehabilitation.  Emphasis on manual therapy and therapeutic exercise programs to maximize progress and function.