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Anchor of the Soul Page
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Creation/Evolution/Apologetics Sites

Answers In Action Apologetics Page
Answers In Genesis Page
Apologetics Press Page
Associates For Biblical Research (Archaeology)
Center For Scientific Creation
Copeland's Apologetics Page
Creationism Connection
The Creation Homepage
Creation Research Society
Creation Science
Creation Science Association of Alberta
Does God Exist (John Clayton)
"The Mysterious Origins of Man" (Controversial, but interesting and provocative)
Reasons to Believe
Science And Christianity
Stand To Reason
Scientists Defend Creation--Don Patton's Seminars
Talk.Origins Archive


Information About Cults and Other Religions

American Family Foundation Cultic Studies
Christian Answers To Islam
Answers In Action - Cults
Archives of Ex-Cult Members
Boston Movement/International Church of Christ Info
Cult Awareness and Information Center
Cult Connections
Steve Rudd's Jehovah's Witnesses Material
Answers To Jehovah's Witnesses
Mormonism Research Ministry
Recovery From Mormonism
Ratzlaff's Cultic Doctrine
Steve Rudd's Sabbath-Keepers Refuted
The Truth About Roman Catholicism
Ellen G. White's Teaching
Ellen G. White Website
The Watchtower Observer -- Archives on Jehovah's Witnesses
Yahoo's Cult Page

Directories of Some Churches of Christ

Waldron's List of Non-Institutional Churches of Christ
Garcia's Worldwide Directory of Churches of Christ
Highland Park's Worldwide Directory of Churches of Christ
Garcia's Individual Membership Directory
Highland Park's Individual Membership Directory
List of Congregations On-Line

Family & Pro-Life Information

Family Matters
The Family Research Council
Focus On The Family
Life Link Central
The National Right To Life Committee
Partial Birth Abortion Information!
The Pro-Life Advocate
Roger Stewart's Family Page
The Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List
Yahoo's Pro-Life Sources


Some Interesting and Informative Publications On-Line

The Bible InfoNet
David Brown's Seven Myths of Denominationalism
Bulletins Online by Glenn Frasier
The Community Messenger
Mark Copeland's Executable Outline Series
Articles by Roy Davison
Articles by Tom Edwards
Expository Files by Jon Quinn & Warren Berkley
The Firm Foundation Magazine
Focus Magazine
The Good News Page
The Gospel Advocate
Arnold Cochran's Gospel Journal
David Juraschek's Sermon Archives
The Milpitas Messenger
Tim Nichols' List of Articles Online
Old Paths Archives
"Plain Talk"
Restoration Movement Texts
Jeff Smelser's Preach The Word Online
Bill Reid's Replies to the KJV-Only Position
Southside Reminder, Pasedena, TX
Think On These Things
Walking Thru The Bible
Free Christian Software Directory
Christian Software News (CSN)
Serious Developments -- Christian Software Catalog
Christian Software Reviews
Surplus Christian Software
TOP500 Webpages

Biblical Research And Resource Pages

Apostolic Fathers (U. of Penn. Archives)
Bible Believer's Resources
Richard Goerwitz's Bible Browser
Bible Foundation
The Bible Gateway
Biblical Savant
Biblical Scholars Resources
Biblical Studies Foundation
Biblical Studies Resource Page (Norway)
Bibliotheca Sacra Journal
Blue Letter Bible
Patrick Brennan's Biblical Eldership Homepage
Brown University Ancient MSS Web
Christian Answers Network
Christian Resource Index - 1996
Christian Resource List
Christian Resource Network
Christian Research Institute's Home Page
Christian Sites To Be Seen
Computers For Christ Database
Cross Search Religious Resources
Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit
DIBS Home Page
Easton's Bible Dictionary
ECOLE (Early Church On-Line Encyclopedia)
Evangelical Dictionary On-Line
Free Religious Software Directory
Goshen Internet Directory
Goshen Online Study Library
Guide To Early Church Documents
Historical Christian Documents
Involved Christian Radio (RealAudio Lessons -- Chuck Swindol, Josh McDowell and others)
KJV Topically Arranged (Netherlands)
Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary
MCU Virtual Library
Oriental Institute of Univ. of Chicago
Restoration Literature Meta-Index
Restoration Movement Page
Way of Life On-Line Encyclopedia
Wheaton College's "Christian Classics" Library
Yahoo's Christianity Resources
Concord Road Church of Christ (Brentwood, TN)