Due to popular demand, I have finally added this page to provide a bit more info about myself. A friend just recently obtained a scanner, so that really helped getting these pictures here.

Photo by A.B.

One day at work, when Ann insisted on taking pictures for the department poster, I turned around and reflected photons in the manner shown here.

At least, this picture is better than the one on the company badge.

As you may have noticed from graphics on my main page or from one of my links pages, I became interested in caving (also known as "pot-holing" or "spelunking") quite some years ago.

Photo by E.D.

In recent years, my primary outdoor recreation has been sailing aboard Makai, seen here on an untypically non-humid August day. Of the 3 people in the cockpit in this shot, I'm the one in the middle. In addition to the sailing activities during the season, I do a lot of help with getting the boat ready for the water in the spring, and buttoning it up for the winter, in late fall.