This page confirms that you found me, whether by serendipity, or by just looking. As you can see, I do not call this a "home page", since I do not use it myself. One reason for this page is to provide a reference point whereby you can contact me with your inquiry or comments. But, the main reason this site exists is explained in the rationale section, below.

From this page, you may:

Geophysical addr.: Latitude: N 40:19:48, Longitude: W 74:05:19, Elev.: +45 ft.

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Origins of this Web site

Like many people who began web browsing with NCSA Mosaic in 1993, I accumulated a list of saved links that was quickly becoming unmanageable. The obvious solution was to organize all these links into local HTML files. Once I had created my first HTML page in a local file, I realized the advantage that I could set my "start-page" to that file, and then not have to rely on some distant server's availability, to successfully bring up the browser. With the advent of Netscape and MS-IE, with incompatible "bookmarks" vs. "favorites" vs. "hotlists", having all my links in a set of local files allows them to be available to any browser I choose to run or test.

Today, my continually evolving set of forms and links pages are maintained on my local computer for fast access. Those pages which are of general interest may have links to lots of interesting places, so I copy them to this site for all to use. Now, when friends or associates ask me where on the Web I get things, I can just point them here, instead of having to remember every URL. :-)

So, have a look at the Link Lists.

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